Specialist removals and refurbishments for the luxury market and hotel groups, both at home and internationally

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Ian and Christa Taylor own a portfolio of beautiful hotels called the Kaleidoscope Collection, including The County Hotel and No.15 Great Pultney in Bath.    Acquiring and running hotels such as these involves continuous maintenance and imaginative redevelopments, and the … Read More

Large or difficult objects to move? Your problem is solved

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  The thing that often worries our prospective customers the most about a house or office move is how their larger objects will fare in the process. They feel concerned that the removal company won’t be up to the job … Read More

Why moving yourself can cost you more in stress and time in the long run

As we’ve talked about here before, moving house is right up there on the list of life’s most stressful experiences. Every part of the process can be exhausting and tense for many people. Removal companies can be seen as luxury … Read More