Specialist removals and refurbishments for the luxury market and hotel groups, both at home and internationally

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Ian and Christa Taylor own a portfolio of beautiful hotels called the Kaleidoscope Collection, including The County Hotel and No.15 Great Pultney in Bath. 
Acquiring and running hotels such as these involves continuous maintenance and imaginative redevelopments, and the team at Mardan has played a big part in this ongoing work. Over the past few years, we have assisted with the refurbishment of all the Taylor’s hotels from start to finish and have ensured everything goes smoothly.
This includes removing redundant furniture, such as delicate items like chandeliers and other fragile pieces that need a specialist team to ensure their safe storage. Mardan has travelled across Europe collecting specialist loads for the luxury market, and more recently has led and completed a 45 day commercial move relocating items from the Kaleidoscope Collection’s storage warehouse to their newly acquired storage warehouse. 
Our team leader on this project, Carl Saltillo, ensured the safe move of over 30,000 individual items, followed up by accurate placement at the new premises. To add to the pressure, this was carefully planned and executed within a restricted time frame. Specialised heavy lifting equipment was used, overseen by Mardan’s employee Nik Spanswick. 
Highly unusual items were moved: a submarine, shipping containers, industrial equipment and approximately 15 tonnes of marble. The relocation went smoothly, without any complications, to the delight and satisfaction of the Taylors.

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