Moving house? The removal company you choose is the most important decision you’ll make.

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MARDAN-BLOG: Moving house? The removal company you choose is the most important decision you’ll make.

They say that moving house is right up there on the list of life’s most stressful experiences. Before, during and after the experience can be exhausting and tense for a lot of people but there are things you can do to make life easier for yourself throughout the whole process.

It may sound obvious but the quality of the removal company you choose will make all the difference. It will change the experience for you. A poor removal company can make the process excruciating and adversely affect both your bank balance and stress levels. Mardan in Bath is a family-run business, and our team has been successfully moving people and companies for over 25 years.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding service, so we’ve compiled a list of things to bear in mind in order to help you make a decision to find the best removal company for you.

1. Even though you’ll probably be busy with a lot of things to think about, do spend some time researching the companies available to you. Whilst it’s tempting to make a quick decision to tick another box on the list, try to take your time. You’ll regret it in the long run if you rush into it.

2. Reviews and personal recommendations are the best ways to find the right company. But of course what’s important to one person may not be as vital to you and vice versa. Ask a few questions based on your own standards and requirements.

3. Being a member of trade associations doesn’t always guarantee results either. Many removal companies use their membership as a positive sales point but don’t really provide the kind of personal service and high standards that you might expect. At Mardan, we feel that belonging to a trade association does not automatically raise standards. Standards are raised and maintained by adequately vetting and training staff to ensure they are experienced, trustworthy and hard working, using good kit and well maintained vehicles, receiving and responding to customer feedback and taking a pride in our work.

4. You don’t have to use a company that requires a pre-payment scheme. This is something we do not ask our customers for because we understand moving is inherently expensive. We know our service is good so we are happy to ask our customers to pay in full on the day of the move, once they are happy that everything is complete. If a removal company isn’t confident enough in its own abilities to agree to this then you should maybe think again before using them.

5. Ask the company about their policy on dispute resolution. We are confident that the exceptional skill and experience of our staff and the high standard of kit we use will ensure our customers’ moves go smoothly, but should any client have concerns, they can talk directly with the owners of the company rather than a faceless trade disputes service employee.

6. Ask them about the levels of insurance they provide. These should more than adequately cover all aspects of the moving process to provide you with peace of mind.

7. Judge them on their quotes. These should be clear and unambiguous and provide full details of what is included.

8. Don’t be afraid to enquire about the team who will be moving you. The company should be able to tell you who will be coming into your home and their levels of expertise. The staff on the day make all the difference; giving reassurance, packing efficiently and using their time to the optimum level.

9. One thing that many people forget to ask removal companies about is the materials that they use during the process. Although expensive, they are an integral part of any move. Always ask if furniture covers are supplied for mattresses, sofas, TVs and pianos. Carpet and floor protection should also be use as standard. You’d be surprised how many firms don’t use them due to the outlay cost but they are very important, particularly in bad weather.

10. Always get a quote based on a house visit. At the very least you should video each room and open all cupboards if a site visit isn’t possible. Descriptions and emails really aren’t enough to give an accurate price. Nasty surprises on the day will mean you’ll be hit with extra charges and much longer working hours, which will make the move extremely stressful. The quote should include the volume involved, all packing materials required, confirm access needed and produce a realistic time scale and price for the move.

11. Ask them for advice on pre-move processes. A good company will have a few helpful hints and tips for you to make the move more efficient. Mardan advises customers to have a good clear out in good time before the moving date. There’s no point in moving clutter and mess that you won’t use from one house to another. By being ruthless and getting rid of shoes, clothes, paperwork and any unwanted household items before the team arrives to move you, you’ll save yourself a lot of time unpacking at the other end.

12. Be realistic about the price if you can be. Very cheap quotes will normally mean a much lower standard of service. VAT is to be expected for an established firm. And don’t forget to ask for a copy of their terms and conditions and take a thorough look through these. They will highlight if companies require a deposit, have a key waiver and when payment is expected.


If you’d like an informal, no-obligation chat about your own move, we’d be happy to help. Give Marcus or Claire a call on 01225 317645 and we can give you any advice you need.

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