Large or difficult objects to move? Your problem is solved

Large or difficult objects to move? Your problem is solved

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The thing that often worries our prospective customers the most about a house or office move is how their larger objects will fare in the process. They feel concerned that the removal company won’t be up to the job and that on the day, promises about being adept at handling these huge items will be well and truly broken.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, as well as an excellent removal company. Our packers have been doing this for years and they know their stuff. There are no objects, big or small, that we cannot deal with. One of our vehicle’s tail lifts will lift 4 tonnes.

We have moved boats, hot tubs, a 27ft long table – the top of which weighed ¾ tonne – shipping containers, motorbikes, machinery, chandeliers, stoves, large and heavy statues…and on one occasion we even moved a horse! The list is endless. The photo on the left below shows us moving heavy boxes of floodlights, which isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the items usually on a removal company’s list. On the right is a Mercedes getting the Mardan treatment – is one of the many cars we’ve transported over the years. We often get asked to take care of people’s prized classic car collections and transport them during the moving process.


Mardan works closely with a number of hotels in Bath. One memorable job was the need to move an industrial oven into the Abbey Hotel. This was an exciting project, which necessitated the hire of a crane company to assist the move into the basement of the hotel. We now regularly use this company, most recently to move several hot tubs.

Even the Georgian town houses of Bath don’t phase us. We can negotiate most items (many being grand pianos) down narrow stairways, corners and banisters. We love a challenge.

So call us if you have been agonising over moving any tricky and/or large objects and your problem will be solved. We will endeavour to do this with care and professionalism. We’ll tell you exactly how we plan to move your treasured possessions so there are no surprises on the day. And we’d be happy to provide references from other happy customers to put your mind completely at rest.

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