Flood Damage? Nine Tips on How to Manage the Aftermath When Disaster Strikes

Flood Damage? Nine Tips on How to Manage the Aftermath When Disaster Strikes

Many of us have been enduring the vagaries of the British weather this year. Some have been dealing with snow whilst others have been battling against heavy and incessant rain, which has led to flooding across the country. And they say there’s more to come.

As islanders we are always at the mercy of the weather, which causes havoc to our homes on many occasions. The building boom of the past 20 years has added more woes to this issue, with many properties built on areas where water table levels are high and the results after heavy rainfall are extremely stressful.

Obviously the ideal scenario is to take steps to prevent flooding but it often hits unexpectedly and our precious possessions are badly affected.

Here are a few tips on how to manage the aftermath and how Mardan could help you:


1) Remain safe. Wear waders, rubber gloves and throw out any food.

2) Contact your insurers immediately for buildings, contents and even car insurance if that was affected. If your paperwork is damaged most companies will still be able to find you on their system and help. 

3) Make sure you keep receipts for any emergency work completed.

4) Take photographs and keep any damaged goods for insurance purposes.

5) Ensure your electrics are professionally checked before turning any switches on.

6) Remove water and wet contents within 48 hours and bring in as many de-humidifiers as you can.

7) Secure your property if you have to move out.

8) In the unfortunate scenario that you DO have to move out of your home, we can step in to relieve as much stress as we can. Over the years we have helped a number of customers who have found themselves in this situation. Whenever we can, Mardan will always accommodate customers at short notice. The team is extremely experienced and can clear a home of its possessions at lightning speed to the safety of a removal truck and then on into storage. We pride ourselves on the ability of our staff to show empathy to our clients when they need it. We know that this is an extremely stressful period for them, and to this end we want to ensure that the moment the Mardan team walks through your door, they can help alleviate the worst of the stress.

9) If it turns out that you are going to be out of your home for a while due to ongoing repairs, we provide cost-effective storage solutions for Bath and the surrounding areas. The containers come in different sizes, are available at competitive rates and are offered with flexible rental and vacation periods. Our customers can rest assured in the knowledge that their precious items are stored in a highly secure yard, which is monitored by 24-hr CCTV. Warehouse storage is also available for customers who do not require regular access.

We also try and help our clients to find the best people to work with after the stress of flood damage, and we have a great relationship with a number of local companies that may be useful resources for our customers:


Elmore Kitchens http://www.elmorekitchens.com

Homemaker Kitchens http://www.myhomemaker.co.uk 

LFFlooring http://www.facebook.com/lfflooring/ 

ACE Energy http://www.bathplumbers.co.uk   

Bath and West Technical Services Ltd  http://www.bw-tech.co.uk 

The Wooden Blind Company http://www.thewoodenblindcompany.co.uk 


…to name but a few. It is often a big help if you can get personal recommendations to ensure you get the best service and price possible.






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