Essential things to remember when you’re moving house

Essential things to remember when you’re moving house

Moving can be a stressful experience but there are things you can do in advance to take the pressure off a little. We’ve put together some tips for you that we hope might help.


Around six weeks before you move house start getting removal quotes and once the date has been confirmed, don’t forget to book the removal company (refer to our earlier blog to make sure you choose the right one.) If you are going it alone, now would be a good time to ask friends to help out. Give them plenty of notice. Book the van you need to ensure you get the right size.

If you need extra storage space book it, a good removal company will be able to help you with this having their own storage or knowing a good local storage company. Also ask the removal company for boxes and tape if you are packing yourself.

If you have small children and/or pets, call in some favours from family and friends well in advance to take care of them on the day. It will make life a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about them and probably a lot less unsettling for everyone.

If you can measure up in the new property, or get a copy of the floor plan, do so as soon as you can, so you can approximately work out where your furniture will go. Obviously these things aren’t set in stone until you see your possessions in situ, but it helps to be prepared as much as you can be.

Make sure you amend the details on your home insurance policy in advance. You need to be covered from the moment you move in and it’s easy to forget to let your insurer know in the midst of the move.

Get in touch with all the utility companies and the council tax office to notify them when and where you will be moving to. Contact your bank/building society to let them know your move date and new address. If you have online accounts with ticket companies, shopping sites like Amazon, ASOS etc, then make sure you change the address on your account – you don’t want your orders arriving at the old house. Especially if you are moving away from the area!

Will you need new furniture, rugs or carpet? If so, order them well in advance so they will be ready for the new home when you are.

Start clearing out your possessions as soon as you can so you don’t move things you don’t need. Be ruthless. There is a book by Japanese professional organiser, Marie Kondo, where she describes a simple method to free yourself of unnecessary clutter. 

Marie advises you to answer just one simple question when it comes to any of the items in your house: Does it bring you joy? If it’s yes, you keep it. Any hesitation or a flat no, you donate it or throw it out. It’s that simple. We all keep things on the basis that they might be useful at some point in the future, or we feel guilty about throwing them out because they were expensive or someone bought them for us that we don’t want to offend. But whether something brings you joy is a question and one that can be answered immediately. Do you feel joy or don’t you? There is no need to make it more complicated than that.

If you are moving away from an area, then you need to check out doctors, dentists and opticians to register with. Word of mouth is always helpful, so if you don’t know anyone locally, try joining a few Facebook groups for advice on the best ones to choose.

Set up a postal re-direction service. This can be done for everyone in the house either online or at the post office.

Don’t forget to transfer your TV licence to your new home.

About a week before you move, your removal company should be in touch to finalise all the details. This is a good time to check on when you can pick up the keys for the new house and make a list of family and friends who need to know your new address. If you are moving yourself, start packing all the non-essential items into boxes, so when the big day comes you’re not under so much pressure.

Finally, on the day remember to take all the meter readings before you go. Oh, and leave the kettle out – that, together with your tea and coffee making essentials – should always be the last item packed and the first one unpacked. Don’t forget toiletries, phone charger, drinks and snacks ready for your first night in your new home.

Good luck with your move.

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